Master Thesis: a startup casestudy

All over the world a so-called ‘startup culture’ is developing. In 2015 major technology companies such as Google, Facebook and Amazon made big investments in small technology startups. Their artificial intelligence-driven technologies were declared the next big disruptor to enterprise software by several newspaper headlines.

In recent years journalism has been transforming and innovating with new forms of journalism. Advanced technology is used more and more in data collecting, storytelling and distribution. This casestudy examines a journalism startup called InkaBinka and its news ‘summarization’ in a digital age. The California-based company offers its readers a journalistic product while being a technology developer at heart. How do these key notions relate to each other?


Research into emerging forms of news production needs to keep in mind that all change comes with trade-offs, that valuing certain technological advances might shortchange others, and that positive journalistic developments may ultimately find it difficult to escape the networks of power in which they are, in the last instance, embedded. – C.W. Anderson (2012)